Package “READY TO GO”




  • An Australian SIM card
  • Airport/accommodation transport (shuttle)
  • 4 nights in a hostel
  • Opening your Australian bank account
  • Transfer assistance € → AUD
  • Creation of your Tax File Number (required to work)
  • The booklet “WELCOME TO AUSTRALIA” (essential for your arrival!)
  • The “WORK IN AUSTRALIA” advice guide
  • Creation of your Australian CV (read and corrected by an English speaker)
  • Help with visa application on the immigration website
  • Access to a private backpacker community
  • Physical reception and information meeting on-site at my partner’s premises (Sydney only)
  • Discounts (promo codes) on your plane ticket, activities of your choice, road trip, vehicle purchase/rental)

+ POSSIBILITY OF ADDING OPTIONS (ex: English lessons, health insurance, …) Consult the “BACKPACKER” pack to see the available options.

Send me an email at if you want to add options.