• The creation of the agency

Manoztralia is a play on words that combines the first name Manon and the country Australia (also called Oztralia or Oz ‘, for close friends  🙂).

So you guessed it: My name is Manon and I am responsible for the creation of this agency. You could say that I have a real passion for Australia. I lived in Sydney and Melbourne for a total of 28 months!

During these 3 years in Australia, I traveled, worked, and also studied English and Marketing.

Professionally, I have gained experience in event management, hospitality/catering, and travel. I was also an au pair for 6 months. However, I fully opened up, when I took on the role of “Australia Specialist Advisor” in April 2018, for a Sydney-based education agency.

My missions? Welcome and reassure newcomers. Organize information meetings to facilitate their job search. Enroll students in Australian schools and universities. I also helped and accompanied travelers with their administrative procedures. (creation of their TFN and ABN, activation of their SIM card, money transfer, creation of CVs, cover letter, etc.) In fact, TF1 (French Channel) came to interview me at work.

When I returned to France in June 2019, the desire to create my own agency naturally manifested itself.

mon pvt en australie

Rewatch my TF1 reportage

reportage tf1 australie

At Manoztralia, we want to put our field experience at your service to help you prepare for your stay in Australia.

Whether you wish to go on a  WHV, on a  student visa, or on a  tourist visa, we will advise and accompany you from A to Z in every step.

To do so, all you need to do is book your starter package by ordering it through our shop. Then, let yourself be guided by one of our Australian experts. Nothing’s easier!

Follow Manoztralia their adventure on our social media, and let’s prepare your trip together.

See you soon!

  • The team

Manon Bitmoji PNGManon MADI, CEO and an Australian expert. 🇦🇺

Chloé bitmoji png Chloé FRUCHART, in charge of Digital Marketing and Communication. 🤳🏼

  • The ambassadors

Bitmoji of AliAli NODEH, educational advisor on the Belgian and Dutch market. 🇧🇪 🇱🇺






If you want to join the Manoztralia team and become an “Education Advisor”, send us your spontaneous application here: www.manoztralia.com/recruitment

We can’t wait to work with you!