mon pvt en australie

Manoztralia is a wordplay that combines the name Manon and the country Australia (also known as “Oz”)

So you guessed it: my name is Manon, I have created this agency and I am very passionate about Australia. I lived in Sydney and Melbourne for 28 months in total! I first went to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa in September 2015 and I stayed for 10 months. Then, I decided to head back to my home country (France) between 2016 and 2017, but I decided to return to Australia in November 2017.The reason why? I wanted to do a 3 months road trip to visit the entire country. However, nothing ever happens as originally planned in Australia! 🙂
What was meant to be a 3 months journey lasted for an 18 months adventure. I first held a tourist visa, followed by my second Working Holiday Visa and I finished on a student visa.

During those 28 months, I gained a lot of experience in the event, hospitality and travel industry. However, I truly felt fulfilled when I got a position as a Student Advisor in April 2018 for an educational agency based in Sydney.

During that time, I welcomed new backpackers and ran job sessions to help them find a job, enrolled international students in universities and colleges so they can pursue their studies. I also helped the backpackers with the arrival formalities (TFN, ABN, activate SIM Card, Money Transfer, resume,...)

And it is quite natural that I decided to start my own company in June 2019 when I came back to France.

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So, if you want to get the WHV, or Student Visa, or the Tourist Visa, I will advise and help you during the entire process. 

Furthermore, with the collaboration of my amazing partners, I set up tailored made packages They fit all sorts of profiles and budgets.

Join me on my social network and follow Manoztralia’s adventures, and let’s build your dream adventure together!

Talk to you soon!