The Working Holiday Visa (WHV) is the preferred visa for those under 30 who want to go to Australia. To the delight of the French, Canadians, and Irish, this age limit has been pushed back to 35 years since July 1, 2019.
This WHV visa allows you to experience a one-year adventure in Australia (renewable under certain conditions), to work there without an hour limit, and even to study there for a maximum of 16 weeks. On the other hand, you will not be able to work for more than 6 months for the same employer, and you will have to pay taxes at the end of the fiscal year.

This visa used to be very easy to obtain. Now it is a little less the case. The Australian government has recently requested two new documents:

– A copy of your passport
– Proof of funds of at least AUD 5,000 to be able to support yourself. The document must be translated into English.
– A return plane ticket or proof of additional funds (no sum has been communicated) to be able to buy you a return plane ticket

The visa costs AUD 485.

You can apply for WHV until the last day of your 30s (or 35 for the French, Canadians and Irish).
If you are between 18 and 35 years old, want an exceptional experience, travel and work in Australia, as well as improve your English, this visa is for you.

I guarantee you that you will live a great adventure and that you will not see the time pass. But don’t worry because you have the opportunity to be able to renew your WHV for another year. For this, during your first year of WHV, you will have to do regional work (otherwise called “the farms/farmwork”) for 88 days. That’s a little less funny, indeed, but some people have great times on the farm! This is the case of Safia et Estelle who gave me an hour of their time to answer all my questions.

Australia is the only country that allows you to get 3 WHV / WHV three consecutive years or with a gap between 3 years.

As of July 1, 2019, Australia offers the possibility of applying for a third Working Holiday (PVT) to all those who have, during their second year of WHV / WHV, completed at least 6 months of work in the same regions and the same sectors as those eligible for a second Working Holiday.

You will understand, the WHV is the ideal solution for working, traveling, and studying in Australia.


However, no medical insurance is taken into account. Although it is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended that you take out health insurance before leaving. Especially when you know the price of a consultation for a general practitioner in Australia (around 60 AUD), let alone specialists (around 160 AUD).
During your year, you will surely expose yourself to risks (surfing, hiking, spider bites, restaurant/construction jobs, farm work, road trips …)
That’s why the government and the Manoztralia team urge you to get your back

If you want to go to Australia on a WHV, book your pack. I’ll explain everything about our help here.

Looking forward to helping you prepare for your trip to Australia!

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